My new Derasa & Squamosa

JEMichael IV

New member
Hi, I picked up this gorgeous Squamosa. Very different patterned and colored from the current squamosa that I have. He is the one on the right. My Derasa is on the left.
Nice coloration. The squammy looks bigger than the derasa in that pic. Did you get it locally? If so, where?

I noticed your clownfish hanging out by the derasa. He/she must be in search of a new home. Either that or it likes to pose for pics.
Lebowski, he is pretty big around 6 inches and at least 4 in width when open.

Fish-o-holic, thanks thats what I thought for a squamosa. I fell in love when I saw him. Looks like some camaflodge or tiger pattern, the picture really doesnt do it any justice. It is quite striking in person. Yeah the sqamosa is a little bigger than the derasa.

Nope he is in search of a new home. They killed my colt, and then they hosted to Jerry's Brain, then Jerry picked up his brain and now just the male is taking to my Derasa. :)

I got the Squamosa at Reef n Pond off Santa Fe