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This will be coming on Thursday, I can't wait!


Been doing lots of research on this fellow, as it will be the most $$$ I ever spent on a coral.


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now THAT is different!!!...nice pick up!
is that photo the actual piece your getting?
would love to see more pix when you get it...:D


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i wouldnt say whom your buying it from.. i think its still highly illegal.

Why do you think that? With all of the fuss about this new coral in the hobby and a couple reputable vendors selling them including Roe's Marine I would think that it isnt illegal at all. There have been a bunch of articles and threads about rhizos lately that I have read, I dont remember reading about them being illegal.
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i heard it or read it somewhere recently...

theyre shipping these in under the CITES as "Caryophylliina"

if its the japanese variety, im pretty sure all "rhizo's" are still illegal?
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FWIW, a CITES listing doesn't necessarily mean it's illegal. Depends if a species is an Appendix I species. Stony corals are CITES II. Pretty much just means that trade in these species is supposed to be monitored. I don't think any marine invertebrates are CITES I yet.


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those prices are sick
Remember squid its only gonna be sick if a reefer keep buying it. U wanna stop this dont buy them. They r nice but I would not spend my money to buy one.


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I actually got an amazing deal on mine, even though it is still more than I've ever spent on a coral. those linked above look very small, about 1". Mine is quite large, so I felt it was really worth the price.

I just emailed the seller about what the temp is going to be here tomorrow. I can't believe it won't be frozen solid by the time it gets here, even if the box was lined with heat packs! 20 below tomorrow & that's not windchill!!!


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14153509#post14153509 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Pufferpunk
Looks like he's gonna wait until next week to ship.
Thats best IMO. The route between Washington and Chicago this week is going to be rough.