My Next Fish?


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I am trying to decide what my next / last fish will be for my 34 Solana. I have read some pretty good comments on a few of the dwarf Anglefish. I know that all fish are different and while one of a type can be fine in a reef tank, another of the same species may bother the corals. Just want to gauge your local experiences with them. I'd love a Coral Beauty or Flame, but have heard a Cherub may be a little safer?

I currently have:
2 Black Clowns
1 Six Line
1 Yellow Watchman

The Clowns and Six Line are of course a little aggressive so a passive fish is not likely to do well. May tank is mainly softies and a few LPS. Not planning SPS at this time, but who knows.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences on those anglefish or other options. The more color and personality the better.


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I'll be interested in seeing how the six-line treats a new fish after it has been established there for a while (especially in a tank as small as a 34). Assuming of course the six line has been there for a little while. My only experience with a six-line was pretty disastrous in a 90 and I literally could not add a fish unless it was close to 2x the size after I put the six-line in. And the thing was fast and smart enough that I couldn't trap it. Ended up having to wait until I actually took the tank down to get that fish out.

So, I guess you could say my experience would indicate adding a bigger/more aggressive fish to match the six-line unless you've already added fish after the six-line and haven't had problems with it.


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The Six Line was added 2nd after the clowns. He is only about an inch. Is a good tank mate so far. The Watchman was added after and is not bothered by it. I think all of the Angelfish mentioned should handle themselves as long as they are around 1.5" or bigger. I am more concerned with nipping at the corals.

I have had 2 coral beauty's and never had a problem with corals. They were always very peaceful non-nippers. I have seen several reefs with flame angels, but they were always so stocked with corals that I do not think you could tell if they had nipped at them.


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The six line is not nromally a problem. I have and have had several and they were always peaceful co habitors to fish and corals.

Angels can get mean, the coral beauty is no exception. They get terriorial as they get bigger. as long as he has some space he can do ok, but keep an eye or he may bully your clowns and wrasse.


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I had a coral beaut. that got along great with all of its tank mates :fish1:. Except the lobster that killed him.....:sad1:


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my coral beauty does not nip, and really does not have much of a taste for vegie materal...he is a meat eater not sure if that matters as far as coral nipping goes.


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I'm actually in the same situation as you Michael. I'm looking to add an angel into my solana soon. Originally, I was dead set on a multifasciata. I've wanted one for years now. However, I think that I will stick with something a little less delicate and less elusive.

I've had flames, cbs, and cherubs and they are all hit or miss. The flames were my favorite. So unless I change my mind to get a multifasciata, I think that's whats going into my tank.