My Occ Clown take a jump off a high bridge


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I bought a pair off OCC Clowns about a while back, while I had the pair in the tank I could put my hand in there when ever I wanted to. however the female decided to try the nemo excape route, DIDNT WORK. so I replaced her with the closest size male clownfish i could hoping that eventualy one of them will follow natures path or what ever the scientific name for it is. Well the old male naturaly started to turn into the female.I think he/she may be the biggest A$* I have ever seen I cant put my hand in the tank without having a flicking war with the fish befor i get done what I have to. this clownfish bites pretty good for her size, the pain can draw blood


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Welcome to the fun. I get attacked everytime I do a water change. I put a grocery bag over my hand so they cant bite me. I need to get some long gloves.


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My black Occ, does the same. When I'm paying attention, no big deal, but then I keep working and forget and she will wind up and tag me. Then there is a half gallon of water on the floor from me pulling my arms out and I call her horrible names but I still love her haha.


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I was glueing a frag a few days after I got my Volitan LionFish and my cleaner shrimp tickled my arm when I was focused on the coral. I never moved so fast....