my pic of surfers paradise QLD Australia


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hey guys i was recently on holiday in queensland, australia, about 10 hrs north of my home town, and wanted to share a photo i took, i think it turned out pretty nice. i had no tripod so i had to balance the camera on the hand rail. i have put up the settings used feel free to tell me if i could have set up better.


Camera Model Name
Canon EOS 30D
Shooting Date/Time
12/04/2009 18:03:17
Tv(Shutter Speed)
Av(Aperture Value)
Metering Modes
Evaluative metering
Exposure Compensation
ISO Speed
EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
Focal Length
18.0 mm


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oh, i have not edited this photo at all, besides the border. this is direct from the camera, no photoshop. lost a fair bit of qualitiy downsizing to.


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It's a nice shot but it looks like the horizon is tilted a couple of degrees counterclockwise. Straightening it will be an easy and worthwhile edit.


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yep, nice shot for sure... when straightening you'll have to keep parallel lines in mind, i think you'll run into issues on the left-hand side... totally fixable, just be aware...


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imo, the shot would be more interesting should the large building be placed to an approximate third of the image; however, it's not readily doable now that all's said and done (unless you want to crop out a portion of it).