My Purple Monster Growth


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Just showing the growth of my purple monster and wanting to compair with others



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Thats fantastic I have one go from 1/4 inch brown turd straight from Tyree himself to a two inch multi branch purplish coral in just over a year.


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Mine went from 1/2 inch in may 06 to alittle over an inch now. it also survived one side being eaten by an acan a few months ago & now there is only a tiny little pen size dead spot left. Its a yucky color like church boys first pic right now, still has not regained all the color from the carnage, so no pics.


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I've had my PM colony for approx 3-4 years, started from a 1.5" frag. It grows pretty well once it builds a good base. The colony is about 7" x 5" x4".