My sand bed is bubbling, whats up


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I have a 75g with 30g sump, its been set up for about 3months, its been thru its cycle, Im coming to the end of a diatom alge bloom now. Up until 5 days ago I had POOR lighting that I replaced with 2 175w MH. I noticed alot of bubbles in the display tank the other day so I shut off all pumps and skimmer and found that my sand bed has alot of small bubbles coming out of it,

Whats going on, is this normal?
OH NO!! You have what is called nuclear atopis. It's a rare nitrogeneous combustive process that occurs in sand beds. You need to get it out there ASAP!! It's like a ticking time bomb that will leave your tank all over your living room floor!!

JK. It's totally normal. Probably part of the nitrogen cycle taking it's first baby steps.
yea its part of nitrogen cycle, the problem here is that you shouldnt get rid of the bubbles all at once. by doing this, you will be releasing some anerobic gases in the tank and thats not a good thing. so just use something to move like a 5"x5" part of sand to get some of the bubbles out. or grab some nessarius snails to move the sand over. thats what i do and the sand is always moving and no bubbles.
If I just leave the sand alone will it eventually go away, and I do have a nesarius (spelling) snail, probably could use a few more