My Sea-life ART!!!


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Before I got into the aquarium and fish keeping hobby, I always was into drawing and painting a number of things, but Wyland, Lassen and Robert Lynn Nelson were among the first artists that got me really enthusiastic about painting sea life and the ocean starting in 1992. Most of my art work is from that theme.
I have also painted a number of murals in peoples homes, on school and business walls as well as painted custom sea life art for people at a fraction of the cost of what established pro's would charge.
I have been complimented by many people, including Wyland and Jim Warren themselves; they thought I did good art work. I'll just share some of my favorite pieces of work here in the forum, then if you'd like, you can visit my art site to see more of my work.
I'm not sure about placing hyper links to sites in this forum, so the third painting down has my website address watermarked on it.

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on 4' x 6' Canvas

Me with 4'x 6' on canvas

Sea life Art using professional 3D software

Dolphin mural on school wall. Their mascot was the dolphins

Mural I painted in a 4 year old's room

Me standing in front of a corner piece of a seamless series of se life murals through out an entire nursery that circumference 2 full size class rooms!

The largest single wall mural I painted in the most realistic fashion I could. This one was my pride and joy of all the murals I have painted over the years. It took me a total of 9 days to complete, all on my own, using spray gun and airbrush.
<img src="" width="1100" height="350">


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Very nice work, I like it.

I've got quite a few Wyland's hanging around my home, I pick up a new one every time I go to Hawaii. I definitely like his style and some of your pictures remind me a little of his work, although you each definitely have your own look.


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Thank you. I've been told by many people that my work reminds them of Wyland's work. I've met and spoken to him a number of times, when I completed the mural you see near the bottom of my post, I showed him a picture of it in person at his gallery in Laguna, Ca. and he was very impressed with it. That made me feel pretty good to have one of my favorite artists compliment me like he did.


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I agree - you have nice stuff. Must be a task to do those Huge Murals. I can't imagine how hard it would be to work on "canvas" that big. I used to do a lot of drawing and painting. For me it would be hard to not be able to see the entire piece at one time. Apparently you have no issues with that though! I like the way you capture and express the light.

Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you IPT. I was super pumped to crank out the largest single wall mural. I already had a vision before hand, then i presented the idea to the PTA of the school. They liked the different visions I captured. We all had to come to an agreement of what they wanted first of course, then it was a done deal. Everything took one step at a time, just like painting on a smaller canvas, which requires some planning, it's just ona much larger scale and you have to train your minds eye to vision images on a larger scale too. Before I got into painting murals, I used to draw and sculpt life size dolphins, whales and sharks in the sand on the beaches. It was good practice and fun for me.


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Team RC
As a former underwater photographer, I found that people steal art work or photography from the web, hence water marks.


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I'm with you there Steve. I plan on transfering all my watermarks to look like the first couple watermarked paintings. They're more transparent and less distracting. It's tough to balance visual appeal while protecting your work. I appreciate everyones interest and honesty. :)


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Thanks Twiggy. I always have been inspired how light reflects, bounces off and illuminates in the water, even when I started boogie boarding from the time I was a kid and started snorkeling as a teenager. Sometimes I wished I still lived close to the beach in a warmer climate like I used to most of my life in southern California. Probably one of the reasons I decided to bring a small portion of the ocean into my dinning room.