my sps tank first photo post


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here is a first attempt at a decent photo post


thanks for the nice words.

aga standard 120 , barebottom , 2 -6100's and 1- 6000 onmulti controller, dart closed loop, g4 with 9000 upgrade.

2-250 reeflux 10k in luminarc minis, 2 -4' blueplus t5's

i'll clean my glass and try to get some full tank shots.

how did you make the pic show up?

I went to the link. Right clicked on properties, copied the URL,
came to R.C., hit post reply, click on the IMG tab (I delete what is in there because I copied the whole URL including the http) past the copied url in there and hit reply. I hope I didn't confuse you.
Very nice Chris. I dream about 120 gallon bb tanks. Yep, it has come to that.:rollface: :rollface: