my sump/refugium!


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i want to change my tanks sump/refugium to a new setup. i was thinking of using two or three plastic bins connected with bulk heads and unions. the first section will be where the skimmer goes with a bulkhead kinda low. the second will be filled with LR and cheato. with a bulk head at a medium level. and last will be just for the return pump. is this setup str8 or is there a problem that i am over looking with this? does anyone else have a setup similar with this that can post a pics or throw out some ideas? any help would be app.
Your setup is straight. This is very similar to what i have. Just buy a glass tank 48 long by 18 wide. You can slap some plexiglass baffles in there. These tanks are cheap, you can get them at your LFS for $70.00.
yeah but i need to arrange them in a way to maximize the use of space plus, this setup is going to to be like 20-30 bucks when done. but thanks for the comments.