My Tyree Toadstool got burned


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i have a question my tyree green toadstool got burned by my sps orange digita. i think the digita fell on it over night and i found it this morning and removed the digita back up. the toadstool now looks to be only have opened. The part that got burned looks whitish and i clean some of the white stuff off by putting in front of a powerhead. do you think the part that got burn will recover or do you think it will die?
If given good water flow, it may recover.

Watch out for any tissue die off and black areas which are bacterial infections setting in. If either occurs, cutting off the bad area with a clean razor and administering a reef dip should get the toadstool on the path to recovery.
I had a small green toadstool that fell near an acan and was burned pretty badly. It turned white/gray for a couple weeks, and one area did fall a part to some degree. I ended up cutting off a small section that seemed to be dying off worst than the rest. Then I kept it in decent current and light and in a couple weeks it began to show polyps again. Now, about 6 weeks later it's fully recovered and growing. It really depends on how badly burned it was. I don't think digitata is really that bad for stinging, so it may recover.
i hope it will recover without me cutting off any dead spots. today i had to wipe away more whitish slime or somekind of coating. i'll cross my fingers .
is it getting enough flow? i heard about toadstools, they will have a slim coating over themselves, if there isn't enough water flow....try putting it near a high current, and see if that helps.
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yes it's in a medium flow area. the part that got burned actually healed up perfectly. it started to have this white film on it for a few days and shed it off and then another layer but now it looked like nothing ever happended to it.