My wife’s 32 Gallon BioCube Build


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Hey guys,

So as part of my Mother’s Day gift to my wife, I bought her a (used) 32 gallon Biocube for her dream anemone tank.

First thing I did, the lid lighting did not work and so I removed the lid. I did not remove the trim due to the stories I’ve read of blowouts. So I like to think of this as the Chinese knock off tank. I know, I know go cheap and pay more than once but it’s all I can do right now. Here is the current equipment list:

32 Gallon Biocube and stand
Biocube Protein Skimmer (V2)
ViviSun 200W Titanium Heater
Hygger 1050 Wavemaker (2100 GPH)
SmatFarm 95W LED Light

For the limited time I’ve had this tank, here’s my reviews:

Biocube: It’s a tank and I think it will be great for what we want to do.
Protein Skimmer: No review…it’s not on yet
Hygger Powerhead: A little strong for the tank but perhaps I just need to adjust the position (it is not controllable)
SmatFarm LED Light: So this was by far my most anticipated purchase. Based on the limited reviews, everything seems good for how cheap it is. I’ll break it down as follows:
  • Shimmer: Absolutely fantastic shimmer. Very close to my halides on my 65.
  • Controllability: 6 Channel Control - 0-100% dimming (1% increments)
    • CH1: 14000K Cool White
    • CH2: Royal Blue(450nm), Blue(470nm)
    • CH3: Violet Blue(430nm), (470nm)
    • CH4: Violet (420nm), Violet(410nm)
    • CH5: 3000K warm white
    • CH6: 500nm green
  • Brightness/Coverage: Very bright even at the 40%(each channel) I have it at. Nicely covers the tank with no visible shadowing at the edges
  • Quiet: The fan is very quiet and you can set the temperature that it turns on
  • Programmability: Very easy to program from the unit itself
  • Remote: Came with a remote. Was 50/50 if it worked. Much easier to program from the light itself.
  • Instructions: A little lacking on the assembly instructions of the mounting bracket (but not hard to figure out).
  • The mounting bracket: The bracket itself fit the Biocube with no issue. The screws and nuts that mount the bracket for the rim are very narrow compared to the slot so I would not trust them. I would reccomend using small washers for around them. I did not have small enough washers so I use a mesh patch instead (sorry for the crappy pic - this was already mounted on the tank)
This tank has been set up for 2 days as of these pics (the rock is temporary) will be ordering real live rock as soon as funds permit.

The light:




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The plan:

Add more sand (I have 30 lbs coming from chewy on Tuesday)

Stabilize Water Params (running a little salty)

Order live rock

Set up small fuge in the back

Order 3D printed lid for the rear chamber

Make mesh/egg crate lid for top


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I need to tinker with the SmatFarm some more. While I love a whiter look, the sunrise sunset just needs to be more blue


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So apparently to FedEx Tuesday means Sunday. It got delivered today. I’m not going to complain paying $4.95 for 2 day shipping lol


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I went with 20lbs of KP Aquatics starter rock. It was still a better price than others due to shipping and direct to door


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KP rock is in. Had 3 known gorilla crabs this time around, 1 pencil urchin, 1 brittle star, 1 micro pincushion urchin (smaller than a pencil eraser), 2 pistol shrimp (unknown red and a clear striped pistol), an unknown crab (possibly stone?) and an unknown small coral (smaller than a pencil eraser but appears to have a skeletal base so thinking cup coral polyp maybe). Sorry for the limited crappy pics

If anyone can ID the crab, it’d be appreciated. Sorry I don’t have any better pics. He’s been sumped in my 65


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cant wait to see how the Smatfarm light grows corals! im in the market and looking
Thanks! So far nothing huge to report. I’m at 5/40/40/40/5/5 for percentages and they seem to be doing well. I really need to get an ATO though for stability