My wife is going to kill me


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I just ordered a Litermeter3, and an Aquacontroller 3 with a DC8 and 2 DC4HD's along with some other toys! Next on my list is a generator if I live long enough.....

For those of you I've had the pleasure of meeting it's been nice knowing you!:rollface: :rollface: :rollface: :rollface: :rollface:


Here's what you say...

"Once my system is automated, think of all the vacations we can take together."


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Doubledown has dibs on the toys in the event of my untimely death/murder. Remember if I leave the forum for a while I'm probably dead so call the police :)

Ramble On Rose

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If my wife knew how much I really paid for the aquacontroller I would be a dead man as well. I just rounded down (by a few hundered dollars) for each piece. She wouldn't have believed me if I told her I speant as much as it is on it anyways...


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I think I am next in line for "wife is going to kill me" list. 8 months ago, I told her I will sell all my fresh water set up and have only one 135g for saltwater fish. Even tho it costs over $3K for this 135g, she is ok with it. Now I have 90g in my office, 150g in the basement, and planning to have the "last one" 300g in my living room.

A few days ago, she told me since I love fish tank so much, she will use it as a coffin to barry me when I die. I am not sure if she meant natural death or accidental?:bum:


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You can do this now ? Put everything in WRITING. The contoller belongs to my friend Menard, the chillers belongs toooooooooo, that would be me. Just in case, when your dead and burried. its got my name on it, no complications its all in papers:lol:



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OK, Menard gets the rest of my livestock and equipment. I think it's only fair considering how he treated us last weekend!