mysis how to?

ive never heard of straining food before using.....and as far as thawing first.....its not neccesary,my lfs feeds food pretty much frozen,and the fish eat it fats all the same.just my observation.
never strained mine......i just take a little cup, add a bit of water from the tank, toss the mysis in and swirl it around till they all separate out for a few minutes. if you buy the cheaper mysis it seems like you get alot of juice and bit of mysis. The better mysis like Hikari Bio-Pure Mysis Shrimp seem to be very clean and fully intact.
Melt the mysis in water (I use spring water from my kitchen water cooler) and add to the tank.

From many posts I've read, thawing the mysis in a cup of water, then draining and adding more water before adding the mysis to the tank, is a common practice.

I've read of some who thaw, rinse, then add. I think this is a little overboard, but , hey...
For mysis the thaw and rinse protocol is not such a necessity, I still do since I usually feed with other frozen food at the same time.

With other frozen foods - especially those little cube shaped phosphate bombs - it removes the nutrient laced "juices" that would otherwise circulate in the water column unconsumed.
I saw on another post an answer from DrsFosterAndSmith that all frozen foods should be rinsed to prevent the introduction of phosphates into the tank.
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With other frozen foods - especially those little cube shaped phosphate bombs -

This made me laugh, but opened my eyes at the same time..
Thawing and rinsing is extremely quick and easy, that extra 10 minutes - during which you can be off doing other things in the meantime - has a huge influence on limiting nutrient additions to our tanks. Food is a major contributor of phosphate and nitrate additions to our tanks, and if not fed judiciously with an eye to limiting these introductions this alone can negate any and all nutrient export mechanisms in place..
I agree to some extent. I don't fully agree that the food contains nitrate but rather it's over feeding and uneaten food decomposing that increases nutrients and nitrate. But, I've never tested this.

It would be interesting to test a beaker of RO/DI water before and after thawing a cube of mysis.

Another reason not to rinse is that you rinse away a food source for the SPS. The processing of mysis crushes and breaks them down them down into a perfect size for SPS polyps.