Name That Skimmer?!


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I picked this up from a local reefer getting out of the hobby can anyone help identify the type of skimmer this is? I plan on putting it in my 30g cube with 10g sump.



There is a ball valve on the PVC pipe that extends upward. It appears the MJ1200 pumps water into the column at an angle, but I can not figure out how the PVC pipe works. I know water flows between that pipe and the skimmer chamber.



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I'd agree it looks homeaid. Its not a bad looking skimmer and its a NW skimmer as the air is injected before the intake of the pump. You could take the impeller of the mj and meshmod it to perform better. I think your talking about the output of the skimmer, which should move up and down to control the water level in the skimmer.