Nano Cube 28 LED Corals


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Anyone know what types of corals I can put in my nano cube 28 intermediate LED. Coming to an end on my cycling period, just got water tested today and added a clean up crew. I'm going to put fish in it in a few days and want to start loading it with corals. I have a Korolia 425 powerhead and upgraded filter basket with filter floss, purigen, and chemi pure. What types corals will i be able to stock it up with?

Salinity: 1.022
PH: 8.1
Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0


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you keep asking the exact same question in different sections of this site. seems like your fishing for an answer, if your not going to listen to what was ALREADY said to you, then do what you want and stop reposting the same thread over and over in different sections...