Nano setup for sale


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Hello everyone,

I was setting up a 10g tank for my office but due to limited space in my new cubical the plan had to be frozen.

The tank has been setup for about 2 month and I will prefer to sell it as a package if its possible.

List of parts:

10g rimless tank with lid, it has round front (Micro reef Orig $85)
MicMol Led (Orig $199)
Jebao WP-10 (Orgi $65)
75W heater
10~`12 lb of Live rock
about 4~5 frags (Few zoas and torch and hammer and chalic)
Cherub Angle (1.5 in)
Honey Damsel
3 pepermint shrimp
CUC (snails)

I think for the whole package $250 seems like a good deal, PM me if you are interested.

Pic to come up later tonight

I also have an extra set of Micmol Led (Color version) for sale $125

Thank you



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@Berg currently want to sell it as a package, I will let you know if I split

@mike the dimensions 18L x 11w x 12H



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Which was better looking... The full spectrum micmol or the blue only one? I'd like to buy one of them.