Nano stuff for sale


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I can get some pics later, especially the sump stuff so you can see the baffles. Im selling off some stuff i have stock piled now, since i upgraded to the 90 i have no use for a bunch of tanks sitting around.

29gal tank used for 3 years, no coraline etching (always had a pincushion urchin) no leaks -$20

20 long used for 2 years no etching no leaks-$10

20 gal sump with baffles- $15

10 gal sump with baffles(pic shown, will clean)

Eshopps nano overflow no sponge prefilter $10

no name overflow, not sure of gph, but it is more than a nano, had a quiteone 1200 pump on 296 gph worked fine. Seam was slightly cracked close to top and had acrylic welded. $5 or ill toss in free with the 29 gal tank.


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pic of the 10 gal dirty

but like i said before you buy i will clean and vinigar bath if needed


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