Nano sump: PhosBan Reactor 550+CF Lamp


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Ok so I never had space for real sump. So I was thinking about creating sump which would not be open, but closed, so it could be easily connected inline with my existing equipment.

Then I had an idea, to use phosphate reactor for this purpose.
So I ordered Two Little Fishes PhosBan 550 reactor, attached CF lamp to it by first covering it with alu foil then taping it all with any tapee just to protect the foil from tearing. The lamp has vent holes on both ends and I made sure these are not covered.
The beauty of the design is that I can turn valves to stop water flow, unscrew the cap on top of the PhosBan reactor and easily replace contents.
So I have put Chaeto inside, turned lamp on na it sits there behind my tank.

Forgot to take a pic, will take one when I have a chance.