Nano Tank Circulation: Powerhead or Split Pump?

Big Chief

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Hey Guys,

Started a reef tank (Nuvo 16g) about 4 months ago. Approx 7-8 lbs LR. Working towards keeping some coral, 1-2 fish and crabs. Been working on the kinks along the way... I enjoy the hobby.

Starting to get some GH algae and looking into water circulation and had a question. This tank has a "sump" on the back where water flows on each side through filters, etc into the center to a pump, which them splits into 2 return lines... LEVEL with the water line

The pump is a Rio 1100, which is quite large for the tank so I use a ball valve to reduce flow. I'm wanting to get some flow at the bottom of the tank to help with circulation. Normally, a powerhead would solve the problem, but space (and aestetics) is a concern.

Since the pump is large enough, would I be able to branch off into some Loc Line tubing and add a return outlet lower in the tank? (a 3rd outlet)

Hopefully, this makes sense... in essense I'm trying to reduce "extra equipment" and use the large pump I already have. I dont know if using a pump return line is practical for this reason though?



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If you are wanting to add a third point of return and this will be lower than the others it could cause a large drain on the tank when there is a power outage.

I would look into the Tunze 6020 or 6040's especially during the black Friday sale coming up. Get familiar with the sponsor's here on their sites and check them all and daily. Nice discounts once a year.