Nano Tank "Trophy" Fish


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Having a nano tank, I know I can't have some of my favorite fish such as tangs, wrasses (with the exception of a few, 6 line, banded possum, etc), and angels to be that eye catching fish. What fish would you guys say has that same eye catching ability that is suitable long term for a nano?


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Quite a few nice ''special'' fish for nanos

Blue Spot Jawfish,if you have a deep enough sandbed

Helfrichi Firefish

Any of the so called designer clownfish..Picassos,snowflakes,snowcassos,onyx etc

Swissguard Basslet

there are some nice gobies too

Yashas,Draculas,white cap


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How big is the nano?
There is a huge difference in what you can keep between a 5 gallon and a 30 gallon.


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In my 5.5 I have a single yellow tailed blue damsel. It's a beautiful and hardy fish, swims in the water column, and as the only fish aggression isn't an issue. However in a nano a damsel has to be the only fish in the tank.


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This fish basically glows in LED lighting and you will have a tank full of exotic, expensive fish and people that don't know anything about reef tanks will be ooh and ahh all over this el cheapo.


If you want to spend some cash, some of the designer clowns are very beautiful - I like the snowflakes and black ices.


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I lost one of my helfrichi firefish just last week.. was a sad day at my house. I've had them both for about 6 months. Walked over to the tank to find him sucked in to the MP10...

It was the little guy on the right of the picture


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I have a snowflake clown and a purple fire fish in my ten gallon, and a black once in my 7 (8gallon AIO, temp as it grows out) with my black and white occellaris. I prob moving my purple firefish to the 46 bow to make room for a helfrichi firefish.