NasoSA SPS reef


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Jumping on the South African bandwagon here... Welcome to my obsession:

Tank was up and running in January 2010 with many hard lessons along the way.

1200mm x 800 x 600 starphire all round with slimline overflow

Vortech Mp40w x 2, getting an Mp10w soon to help with a dead spot

Giesemann Infinity pendant with 2 x 250w BLV Ushio 20k bulbs, 2 x Giesemann Aquablue Plus, 1 x Giesemann pure actinic and 1 x Giesemann actinic plus

Skimz SM 202 skimmer

Reef Octopus CARX and kalk stirrer.

OR3500 return

Everything run through a Profilux 2ex.

The start

Bringing the new beast home safely

Latest FTS





Hope you like!


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Great looking tank! Very nice

Thanks WinterSun

Very nice well done!

Shot kinlayan

just curious, why do you run the MP40's without a shroud?
and that tank looks amazing!!!!

also, do you have more sump pictures.

Thanks dahenley, seems to spread the flow a bit more. Although its not recommended, I haven't had an issue.

The sump ATM is crude and messy, in the coming weeks I may have a new sump built to cover most of the tanks footprint so I can include a small algae scrubber. I dont have a problem with nutrients but the scrubber seems to keep the DT glass cleaner for longer. Will definitely post pics then!


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Amazing looking tank! Do you have any growth pictures you could post from January 2010 till now? I have a cube style tank too and love seeing how people aquascape theirs.

I also had to laugh that I'm not the only one who seatbelted their skimmer for the drive home...though for a moment I was slightly confused, I'm used to my steering wheel being on that side! Haha.


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Not many growth pics as I lost a lot of SPS middle of last year in a kalkwasser incident. Had to cut off a lot a dead skeleton from the SPS that survived as well

This is a nice one though, turned into a real beaut!



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Yeah great skimmer but overkill on my 155 gal. Look at the 181, still overrated for a 120 gal I think.


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Love the aquascaping.. What a nice set-up you have got.. Do you plan to put in more fish?