National geographic sand not reef safe!


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Hey everyone I just want to share my experience with petsmarts national geographic black sand.

Almost 1 year ago I setup my tank using this sand, from the get go I was unable to keep Goni, SPS, chalice alive for any notable period of time. At first I thought it was because the tank was not mature enough, then I started thinking I had a nutrient problems, then I thought it was my black box LEDs.. I came to reef central many times begging for help and we can never find the problem.The whole time suspecting it might be the sand.

Three days ago I decided it was time and I removed all my sand and replaced it with Carib sea. I can already notice the difference in what remains of some coral. My Zoas have finally opened and Lobo is puffing back up!

Lesson learned! I tried to save $40 when buying sand and it cost me well over 500 in lost coral over the past year


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yes unless you know for sure if its reef safe , its better to buy the reef stuff and pay a little more than pay later


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Adding a substrate, like the National Geographic Black Aquatic Sand, increases the growth of beneficial bacteria, while adding to the aesthetic of the tank. Plus, it pairs well with other National Geographic cave-themed products! Only at PetSmart.

Features: Increases the growth of beneficial bacteria
Includes: 1 bag of Black Aquatic Sand
Intended For: Aquarium
Water Type: Fresh Water
Color: Black
Material: Sand
Weight: 5lb bag

Says its a Freshwater sand