Need a new Setup


I have a 210g reef tank but it has crashed. I have been really short on time lately I have a huge alge infestation and i am only feeding if lucky every other day. My tank was beautiful for a whyle but now it is not and it is in the center of my dining room. I am really looking for a new setup that will be awesome and still look good in a dining room. so no shark. I really want something kinda different but yet easy. Does anyone have any Suggestions?

thank you for your time


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Volitan, my fav, is pretty low maintenance. Switching to frozen, if not already before purchase, is the biggest thing.


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I made a similar transition earlier this year. An aggressive FOWLR is the way to go. Get yourself a lionfish, maybe an eel or two. Also, check out panther groupers... in a tank of that size you could comfortably house a decent sized grouper. Perhaps one or two large tangs. All of this together would make a nice display.