Need a skimmer


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Guys I am relatively new to this hobby 18 years or so....

I have recently ditched my 125 gal FOWLR for a 105 Gallon tank. Decided we wanted actual furniture in the living room. My ancient skimmer BERLIN H.O.T. has been replaced with a used Coralife skimmer. The tank and skimmer came together from a local reefer. My LFS said the Coralife was very hard to tune and they were right. It is very inconsistent. The LFS recommends an ASM G3, which my sump will support, but everything I read indicates that the G3 is old technology for the price. A workhorse, but.....

I am looking at the Reef Octopus line. NWB150 or a SRO 2000.
Reading about all of the options is very confusing. Noise is an issue as this is in the living room. I understand the SRO bubble master pumps make some noise.
I, like everyone here, I want the best for the least. Not to mention I want as little maintenance as possible. It is difficult for me to go against the LFS as they have been spot on with everything they recommend. But I feel like they may be stuck on a brand from years past.

The only other name I have really looked at is SWC. I assume that most all of these are chinese made sumps that actually work, with the biggest difference being in the pump.

Again I am like most reefers, looking to spend in the 300-400 range but seem to always spend about 20% than my budget


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My SRO 2000INT is absolutley silent.
And it pulls the most gunk I have ever seen from a skimmer.

I do however hate how small the cup's capacity is though.
You will HAVE to plumb a secondary container to the cup so it can skim longer without needing to be dumped every day.


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Just because it is ild tech doesnt mean they dont work just as good as new types.

If you look at reef dynamic skimmers they really havent changed much in a long time because they already work very well and imo skim better than most skimmers with aka new tech.


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I'd go with the ASM G3 it is a beast! If you want a truly new tech skimmer then you need a DC powered skimmer


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Not worried about new technology.... Just want the best in my price range for 2013 not for 2007!
More interested in a skimmer that is very consistent. If it is "capable" of the most skimmate but requires constant tweaking I am not interested. I am very interested in a bulletproof skimmer than does a really good job, and is quiet.

Also for those that PM'd me, I cant reply as I don't have enough posts.