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Ok so got my 90 gallon display tank with a 20
Gallon sump.

Everything was going great but I am required to be out of town 4 of 7 days a week. Put an auto feeder on for my fish, and frozen fed during my time back. Everything going smooth. Local fish store told me water parameters were great. There is where the problem started. I had 0.0 phosphates and untraceable nitrates.

Ended up with dinos. Then told to over feed. After 2 weeks, nitrates are great, phosphates are through the roof, and after a 4 day black out still having dinos. Told to dinoX the tank. Did it and 2 treatments later, dinos gone. But have a hairline algae problem.

Add a few more fish. (Hawk fish and Yellow Tang, as well as some emerald crabs for algae protection.)

Now my pulsing zena are gone, and last week noticed a few missing fish (3 yellow bellied damsels and a sand sifting diamond goby) and a dead urchin.

Came home tonight and I am praying it is just that the lights are off but now can't find more fish that are well established in my tank.

So what seems to be missing today when I get home is my Yellow Tang (added 3 weeks ago), my Mandrain Goby, and My Anthias which was a bully from the beginning.

I am thinking it is my hawk fish or maybe emerald crabs.


Phosphates still high but slowly bringing down.

No other corals dying since the Zenas.

I have spared no expense with the tank and have the UV sterilizer, the ATO, the DC Skimmer, the phos reactor, etc.

Do my water changes regularly, though I slowed when I learned my nitrates were too low, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated but I know I have a predator in my tank somewhere. The Urchin when I noticed it was dead, the next day the shell was all mangled.

These are the fish I know I put in the tank:

2 clowns (black)
3 yellow bellied damsels - missing 2 weeks
Bristle tooth tang
File fish
Lawnmower bleny
Sand sifting goby - missing 2 weeks
Coral beauty
Orchid dotty back
Anthias - missing tonight
Mandarin Goby - missing tonight
Yellow tang - missing tonight
Hawk fish

Please help!

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Only thing that worked for me was more bio diversity. A thick chaeto in sump also helped.

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