Need Advice: Moving to Smaller Place

Silly clownfish

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If you know you will be moving again that soon, I agree with the others break it down and wait until you are in a permanent home to set up a new tank.


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I guess if it were me, I'd set up something easy to break down, easy to move, and in expensive. A nice 40 gallons breeder tank, eshopp in tank skimmer, 10.00 heater, jebao wave maker, t5 light, some nice corals some smaller fish. A 40g would be small enough to break down and move in a couple of small tubs and the tank could be used later as a sump for a larger tank. I'd have a hard time going tankless unless I absolutely had to. But that's just me. Other than that, I agree with the others, in waiting and saving.


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I'm currently running a tank that is just a few inches bigger than a 40b.

Length is what I'm worried about. And I doubt I could go 1-2 years without a tank. This hobby is like crack.

I was thinking something smaller, as in max 24" wide


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Sounds like you want to stay active in the hobby, but not go full bore for your limited stay?
Why not set up a grow out tank for frags? Small space, and when you move you can have corals ready for the new tank you set up.


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Why not downgrade tanks, keep a few things you really like that would fit in the smaller tank, and then when you can get a big tank again, move them to the larger tank. I have done this several times.

You just have to play Sofie's Choice on your livestock, and sell what you dont keep.


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I don't know about you, but all of my extra reef stuff, like buckets and supplies take up much more space than my tank does. Maybe look into keeping the existing tank, but getting rid of extra supplies you rarely use. That's what I'd do if I were crunched for space. how much space is going to a smaller tank really going to save you? Unless it won't fit into the room with furniture, I don't think it would make a big difference going a bit smaller IMO.


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Well I'm thinking the 38" x 20" of my stand may just be too big.
Just worried about size is all. I pondered the thought of going to a Red Sea 170, though that really isn't much of a "downgrade" in terms of volume in size.

I was more pondering the thought of going down to a Fusion 20 until we get somewhere that allows for a bigger tank (75+). That way its spacious enough to kinda play with, though small enough to move easily if needed and doesn't take up a large amount of space.