Need advice on connection between pump and skimmer


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I have an Aqua C Remora Pro skimmer that is fueled by a Mag 3. To connect the two I have a plastic tube. The plastic tube used to be tight on the skimmer but yesterday the tubing disconnected from the male connection of the skimmer but still remained on the pump. This caused water to spray up into the air. Luckily my wife was home to catch it and unplug the pump. I want to avoid this for the future. Could I just super glue the hose to the skimmer's input area? Is there a better method? The Mag 3 pump is pretty heavy and gravity is causing the problem. Any advice would help. Thanks.
Are you using the clamps that came with the skimmer? I have not had this problem with mine, I just squeeze the clamps as tight as I can get them.
What material is the clamp? I'm only familiar with metal clams. The unit that I have is second hand and the seller didn't provide any clamps with the unit.
They are made of plastic. I think I used a zip tie once also. I think you can get them from Marine Depot.