Need advice with a fish only.....

Edward Smith

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Just setup a FOWLR tank for a friend. I created a LR wall in the back of the tank. Works like a charm but..............

The lady of the house did the final eval and now has decided she wants to be able to view the tank from both sides and wants considerably less or NO rock in the tank.


Ok, no problem, enough with the drama and to the questions:

How can I set this up without using a sump or any more hang on equipment other than the present cpr bakpak that I have on there (limited space)?

With a cpr bakpak, can I go with no rock? If not, how light on the rock can I go?

Should I used the media in the bakpak or fill it with rubble?

Thanks for any help,


In Memoriam
Well ED, I guess that you are talking about your 210 gal tank here. In a FO tank you decide on how much LR you prefer to what fish you be keeping for as well, you wouldn`t need as much as #250 of LR as well your best to not just stack your LR as if a wall against the back of your tank.

You want for the most to have in and out hiding spots for any fish you would be having. And can I ask you in what filtration that you have on this tank? I see where you mention a bakpak? I do hope your a sump and good skimmer for the better of your tank and fish.


Edward Smith

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Sorry for the lack of details. This is a friend's 29 gallon tank. The bakpak is being used as a skimmer and additional biofiltration.

Edward Smith

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Nothing yet, I just set it up. They're not sure what they want to keep yet. Although, I know what I'm going to do now. I'm going to setup a sump. It will solve multiple issues.

Thanks everyone for your help!