Need advice with my Quarantine tank and ALK?


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Hi all

I currently have a quarantine tank which is a 100L and have about 20 pieces of coral in there for quite a while, I was having high nitrates with my display tank and had to remove everything into quarantine while i was dealing with this. Over the last 8 months the corals in the quarantine tank have grown like mad and I was doing periodic water changes every week, i was doing 20L every week and now have upped it to 40l every 10 days now to keep up with the ALK and micronutrient, like mag, calcium, ect ect.

I have a mixed bag of SPS, LPS and they are now all getting to a point where my ALK is dropping by 0.3 DHK every day and water changes are not keeping up with this.

Nitrates and phosphates are perfect but ALK and mineral nutrients for the corals are an issue.

I was going to buy a dosing pump and dose Triton for other methods( this was what i wanted to do originally on the display tank) but now I am not sure if this is viable on such a small water volume?

There is also kalkwasser but not sure how to implement this. I was thinking of this but with once a week water changes just to replenish minerals and other stuff.

There is also faunal marine 2 part but again I am not sure if this methods is viable for such a water tank volume.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with which might be the best method. For my main tank I am going to use TRITON with other methods.

I want the most easiest and hassle free method currently, all the methods above seem to involve me buying dosers, containers, aquarium controllers and power bars, ph probes ect ect . I currently have all this stuff but on my main display tank and would not want to take it all apart and would prefer not to have to buy this stuff again if possible as its money i would rather spend on my main display tank.

any help would be appreciated.

Thank You


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Just dose 2 part by hand until you get your display back in order..
Syringe/Measuring cups/Teaspoons/Tablespoons.. Whatever needed to measure the appropriate amount and simply pour it in the tank..