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Hey new to this board. Im getting a used 75 gal tank that has been established for 2 years from a friend for 300 bucks. Comes with 100# of live rock,live sand, wet/dry, florescent lights,protein skimmer, Uv sterilizer. the only live stock is 1 percula clown. I definately want to go the reef direction and am lookng into lighting right now, but my question is what are some good fish to put in the tank to start? I have some experience with saltwater as i have my own 29gal with LR. Im looking to spend about 200 bucks to start before i get the lighting and start with the corals.
Also is that too much rock? I personally like a tank with less rock with more room for the fish, but with a good selection of corals as opposed to a tank that looks 'too busy'.
Like everyone else, i want to start off right and not waste money or kill livestock.



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The recommend amount is 1-1.5lbs of liverock per gallon but there is a major flaw in this rule as some rock is more dense than others. I prefer to leave more swimming room.


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Well use as much of the old water as possible. You need a water test kit.You need to know what your water quality is.I would let it circulate a few weeks and monitor readings.If all is fine and nothing that needs attention then i would add some CUC then wait a few weeks add more CUC and a fish or coral.The time in between you can use for research of feeding and other requirments.Slow and easy.And you could get some soft coral with no problem.


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Once you get the tank running I'd reccomend starting with some hermits and snails before you add fish. After about a month you can start adding fish. Good begginning fish are Royal Grammas, Banggai Cadinalfish, firefish, and Coral Beauty Angelfish.