need algea cyno diatom advice


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The setup is 1year old. 180 main tank, 100 gallon sump, 75 gallon fuge full of rock with skimmer in it. I got the big mp40vortec pumps one on each side, and the radion xr30.

About 3 months ago we got a bad cyno outbreak, red slime with bubbles all over. I tried the waste away product, it worked well and really broke down the stuff into mucky look ing fuz in fuge, now the tank is getting hair algea all over and long strinky looking cyno (Diatom?)

My skimmer is a bit small and produces a bunch of stuff, emptied weekly, excalibur I think.. No UV,

salinity is just under .03
nitrates 0
Phosphates read 0
amomnia 0
nitrites 0
temp 78ish

I do bi weekly 55 gallon changes, with a new upgraded 7 stage ro that brings my 500+tds well water to 0, that started 2 months ago with new ro unit, old one toook it to 25tds

I dose bacter 7 last month after waste away..

Thank You for the advice! Only half dozen small fish, and hammer corals and some mushrooms..


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Sounds like you need more bio load,
No nitrates or phosphate is a good indicator behind the Dino showing up.
I beat it by adding nitrates and phosphates. It slowly went away try to back off on the water changes
An let your tank cook a bit as you are removing a lot of beneficial bacteria.
With the water changes. Take it slow.

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Smokenax is right. I had the same issue for 6 months, used Brightwell's NeoNitro, it drastically improved the dino issue after 4-6 weeks. Leaving your skimmer off on alternate days can also help (but make sure there's another source of oxygen).