Need an ID. Favia, brain, ???


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Picked this up from a fellow reefer that was shutting down his tank and gave me his corals and fish so they would have a good home. This had nearly no color at all when I got it but it's stating to get a nice light blue to the eyes. Not sure if the ridges are going to color up more or not, I've had it a few weeks and they haven't really changed much.

2013-03-12 13.42.07 by ksw2005, on Flickr

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Here's the one I got. It's got lime green ridges and light blue eyes. I love it. LONG SWEEPER TENTICLES though. and it actually grows pretty fast. its grown around the frag plug now.

not sure what its called though lol


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Probably a Platygyra. Keep it far away from other corals. I had one kill a dinnerplate sized watermelon chalice overnight from almost a foot away.


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Thanks guys, I had opened anther thread elsewhere and Platygyra was the general consensus there too. I learned a long time ago to keep LPS separate and downstream of other corals. :D