need black pvc anyone have any or know where can get local


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like the title says need some black pvc fittings ......not the grey electrical schedule 80 bs needs to be black

1 1/4 s x f/t

1 1/4 m/t x 3/4 f/t reducer


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I use Savko. but its not local. I gave up on finding local. I have a few buckets with black pieces I will look for 1 1/4" tomorrow. I can sell it to you for what i buy it for. I also have the black PVC pipe as well. If you need it.



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I think home Depot but not plumbing section try sprinkle section I remember buying some black pvc but a thin 1/4 pipe and had thread s

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Matt, if you want to paint a regular piece of pvc black, but are worried about getting the toxins in your tank, I have some paint for the bottom of a boat. Its non toxic and looks good. Used it for something in my tank and worked great. If you want some I have some if you want to stop by and grab it.


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thanks for the info guys I was just trying to see if anyone had anything local .....I do know I can order online .....prolly what Im going to have to do....


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Yep, krylon fusion is safe for in tank uses though not the most durable. :)