need diagram of CL plumbed on bottom of tank


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I'm a rookie and need some advice asap, please! I am in the process of ordering a 180 gal from glasscages (72x18x31) and have an urgent question about how I should position the holes to be cut in the tank bottom for the closed loop. Mine will be visible from 3 sides and I'll have the overflow on one (righthand)end. I'm using starphire on the 3 viewable sides.
I've been following Nata's 180 thread in the large tank forum. All I can say is AWESOME!
The thing is I don't have a diagram of a closed loop and need one. My current 55 gal sits 10 feet from my garage. My plan is to plumb everything under the crawl space to the garage so I can have all the equipment out there where there's much more room. I want my RO water/mix tank with a top off valve, sump,skimmer, denitrifier, etc. to be out there but not sure what is the best sequence or setup ie what size pump will I need for the return water? I started my 55 gal. reef in Oct and quickly realized I wanted to keep more fish, have SPS corals and have more room for everything.
. Can anyone help me out with a closed loop design, where everything should be in the loop and how it works? Any suggestions and especially a simple diagram would be much appreciated!