need help cant get a 7 inch blueline angel to eat in qt


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I have him healthy now and interested in food but he wont eat it . spits it out mostly
I have tried
mussels half shell ripped them apart ,same with clams on the half shell .
ive tried scallops. nori
formal 1 cubes
I really need to get him eating its been 10 days .I guess he gets very little because I did see poop on the bottom glass .
he is in a 55 qt .
any help would be great
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what do you mean interested in food but not eat ? does it eat and spit it out ?

have you tried vegies ? nori and such ?

clam on the half shell ?


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any head shaking ?

have you tried a freshwater dip or ran Prazipro yet ?

first thought for spitting out would be the pieces are too large, try hikari mysis or pe mysis chopped in half ?