Need help choosing replacement included


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My Viper k2 quit working so now I need to get a new ballast, but I can't find the same one for sale online.
Here are pics of my ballast, I can't find any that match it exactly so what type of ballast should I get. Are all M98's going to be able to run the DE bulb correctly? I really need to buy one today so my corals don't get ticked off at me! :)


Thanks for any help! :)


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Whoa! Only a couple hours and already off the 1st page!
Does anyone know about this type of ballast?
Thanks! :)


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Any M98 ballast will work - match the ballast to the bulb (70W MH is an M98 bulb). However, if you're going to replace the ballast, you've got pretty much a free ticket to do as you please, for example, you could upgrade the wattage and change the bulb socket to match the new ballast. IMO, what you have now is only a fixture.