Need help deciding wattage and lamps


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So I just bought 4 Lumenbrights and 4- 400 watt coralvue e ballasts. I was originally planning on running all t5's on my tank but can't get away from the shimmer you get with MH. So I dont really want to use 1600 watts of MH with a Softie tank but would like to make sure I have enough light to keep just about anything. My tank is 8'x4'x30". These Reflectors will be mounted 16" above the tank to the top.

Question is....... Can I get away with 175 Icecap's and Iwasaki 15k's and just sell the 400 watt Coralvue ballasts? I would much rather use 700 watts of power every day to save on electricity. Do you guys feel like I could get away with 175's on a 30" tall tank and still be able to have Anenome's,etc......or should i go with 250's or even stick with the 400's and maybe run some Reeflux 12k bulbs???? The PAR from the Iwasaki's should be plenty with the LumenBrights should it not???