Need help for tank move.


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Hey all,
I am planning on moving a 300g tank out of its current location and replacing it with a 600g. I am asking for help to move it.
The move will actually be a series of steps. The 300 is coming down and being dropped off at another members house on the same day. The next day ( I hope) I would need help putting the 600 up.
I am thinking of doing this over memorial weekend since a have a few days off.
Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the proposed schedule.
Friday - tank tear down :fun5:
Saturday - take down 300g and move to new home :hmm3:
Sunday - install 600g :hmm3:
Monday - run plumbing for new tank :fun5:
I would need the help on Saturday and Sunday.
Thank you in advance.


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Would like to help but I have family over that weekend. Plus Plantation is a little far for me. lol. Enjoy the wings and beer. Good luck with your new 600. looking forward to seeing a build!


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Sorry bud, I'm out of town fishing that weekend. But beer and chicken wings are two of my favorite things in the world, LOL! Best of luck:)


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Bill, I am pretty sure my wife is working that weekend = I don't have anyone to entertain my 2yo while I am earning coronas and wings :(