Need help from Paint Expert....


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I hope that anyone can help me with some questions regarding about Melamine paint.

I have used and applied couple of coats of Tremclad Rust-Paint with their primer on the metal stand (newly contructed bare steel). I have also applied two coats of Varathane Professional Clear Finish (chemical name is Amorphous Silicon Dioxide) which I think it is an Oil base finish cured into some sort of platic.

The whole painting metal tube stand project is under curing condition over the past 48 hours.

After asking around few questions, I have discovered General Paint's Melamine paint may be best suited in my application because of its
washable, scrubbable and durable properties.

My questions are:

1. Can I use and apply Melamine paint on top of what I have already applied which is Varathane Interior Professional Oil Finish?

2. In my situation, what preperations should I do before using Melamine paint such as cleaning and sanding..?

3. Should I just leave what I already have since "Varathane® Interior Professional Oil Finish provides excellent scratch resistance and stands up to harsh household chemicals" as stated on their website.

Hopefully, you can point me to the right direction what I should do in this particular project. Thank you very much.

PS. I don't do powder coating or truck-bed liner thing as most would recommend


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as long as u cleaned your bare metal realy good you should have no problems. but if you realy want to put the melamine on you will have to strip off every thing cuz they will have a chem. reaction with eachother and rinkle as they pull away from the metal frame.
i dont think you will be scrubbin your stand with a scuff pad to clean it so what u have on will last and u did it right on bare steel with the primers and paint that went with it so i would leave it.