Need Help-MH light combination with T5's


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I finally purchased a set of 250w MH for my 120g.

My motivation for doing so was for several different reasons, the main two being:

a) sick and tired of being told "you can't have that because of your lights!" and

b) I have a HUGE riteri anemone (at least 1'6" in diameter when very happy) that I want to keep happy. I have had it for about a year and half if not longer now and feel that more light will keep it healthy.

I do not know what combination to use with the MH and my vho's. I thought about converting my vho's (ice cap ballast 660) to t5's but do not know what watt or brand to go with, the MH's currently has a 15k HQI de bulb in it (what bult do I go with on this one also - I don't like the yellow hue some bulbs give).

I am hoping some of you who know more about lighting will be able to help me figure what combo might work best!... (I really like the bluer look of the actinics)

The rest of my tank is mostly leathers, a cap, huge bubble coral, croacea clam, zoa's, shrooms, huge frog spawn. thanks in advance


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The dimensions are 48x24x24 with a center support. Any suggestions on who to order the t5's from? And what are your suggestions on the mh to go with them? I really appreciate your is new for me and I really know nothing about it. I guess I should also inquire on how to introduce the mh's to avoid shocking my tank. thanks


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reefgeek for the T5 and as far as lamps for the MH it all depends on how blue you like the tank to look. Sounds like you are using the XDE 15kk bulb(XM DE). I have seen a lot of tanks with the pheonix bulbs and I like that look with actinics added. JMHO though.


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Well, I just purchased 2 54 watt ATI Blue Pluses and 2 UVL Super Actinics and should have them by Tuesday. I am still trying to decide on what mh bulb to go with. It was suggested I use Pheonix bulbs and so I am looking into that a little more. Thanks for everyone's help. If anyone else out there has any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to comment.


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Personally for actinic support I would stick with your vho's. I ditched my T5 actinics and went back to vho's. The T5's just don't have the "pop" factor. I'm not talking a little difference either, it's like night and day. I will say the T5's had a lot of general light output.


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I run 2-250w 14k MH Hamilton, 2-80w Actinic Plus (22k) T5, and then 2-80w 10k T5.

I think the color is absolutely perfect.

I think DrBDC is right about VHO do actinics better. I tried 2-80W Pure Actinics, with my 2-80W actinic Plus, and with running just that I thought I would see some top of the line actinic glow... but it was just ... 'ok'.

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The URI Super Actinic is getting there but still not equal as far as fluorescence. I still like the overall look of the Super Actinic and Blue Plus T5 over the VHO actinic.