Need Help: Mouth Fungus, Kole Tang?


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I recently moved our Kole Tang from QT into the Display Tank. He was in QT for 4 weeks and doing great. Tonight I noticed his mouth looked very swollen. He appeared to be acclimating beautifully in the tank and eating, but for the past two days has seemed melancholy. He was introduced about a week ago.

Other inhabitants include a Hippo Tang, 2 Banggaii, 2 Firefish, 1 damsel, skunk shrimp, and blood shrimp. Everyone else appears to be fine.

Looking for advice!


Jerry W

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Fungal infections are not all that common in saltwater systems. Unfortunately, mouth injuries to fish like this are. The tang may have injured it's mouth scouring algae off the rocks. In some cases, it heals up nicely on it's own. IME, watch the fish for a few days to see if the condition improves. Redness could indicate a secondary bacterial infection so be prepared to move the fish back to the QT if necessary. Is it still eating for you?