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I have what I beleive to be a mantis running around in my 20gal. a six line wrasses and several hermits have disappeared over the last few weeks. I hear clicking sounds from the tank.

I haven't actually seen him but I am making an educated guess. I have tried check the aquarium at 1 AM with a red-cellophaned flashlight, setting the x-terminator trap, pulling the rock out and looking in the holes & squirting deep ones with seltzer water. So far no success.

Any ideas? I need help:confused:

A mantis isn't dumb so it isn't gonna just come out and do a little jig for ya!:D I'm just kidding. Most likely he is in a small cave and watching every move you make. Depending on the amount of liverock you have in the aquarium you have a few options. If you dont have a lot of liverock you can take out rocks that you believe he is in and Isolate them in a separate bucket and keep them out of water till he comes out. I did this with a friends tank and It worked for him. I have heard that traps work pretty well and if you search the forum I'm sure you'll find some good advice on which traps work good. If you get him alive I got first dibs on him..k? That is if you dont want him.
I have two Florida mantisessss (hate that plural, gonna start using "manti") and I have an observation that may help you.

Although manti :)) ) often hide in deep holes on rocks, the ones I have both prefer to have sandbed escape routes. It is very easy to see where they are staying, because the rock or two they like will have freshly tunneled sand at the base.

Best bet is to thin out the rock enough so that you can remove a specific chunk when you catch him tunneling. Then use the "squirt of fresh water" trick to get him out of the rock.


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If the traps don't work your best bet is to wait. Mine came in with Florida live rock. Luckily he came out during the day so I was able to watch him. I saw him crawl into his lair, which fortunately was in an easily accessible rock, and I removed the rock. I'm now using him to cycle my quarantine tank. He has already molted once and is doing great. I plan a small eclipse tank for him.
wonder what it feels like to get smashed

wonder what it feels like to get smashed

no ofence but that sounds like a stupid idea
meh... but i would try it at least once ;)
an update

an update

Just thought I would let you know I captured my "mantis". It turned out to be pistol shrimp, I think. It was clear except for its thorax area was red. It had one large claw. It was about an 1-1 1/2 inches long.

I still think that it might have been responsible for the fish and hermit disappearance.

thanks for everyone's help
Want that Shrimp!!!!!!!!

Want that Shrimp!!!!!!!!

1 big claw usually means Pistol. Did it sorta look like a cleaner shrimp (red stripe) with a deformed claw? If it did then it is a pistol for sure. If you dont want it....PLEASE send it to me. My friend wants a pistol because he has a watchman goby that he wants to pair up with one. Email me at if you dont want it and wish to get it off your hands. I will pay shipping and whatever you want for the shrimp.