Need help on this decision


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Hi all - Having little experience with usin a canopy, I'm preparing to buy retro fit kit and could really use some opinions before I do. I see two 108w units available with worhorse ballasts for $200 with new bulbs, although I can't help but think twice about the advantages of a fixture that has fans built into the back like the Sundial 216w for $272 in the link below. I also see the Nova extreme model for $224

Can I get opinions on what route you would take- retro vs. fixture? My canopy is not drilled for fans, so I also wonder if I can just mount the fans inside to blow on the bulbs at an angle.

Wow...these decisions aint easy! Since I am leaning heavily towards the retro, my main thing to learn if anyone can advise about their preference towards a fixture that can sit inside like this.


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if your canopy is not drilled then you would just blow hot air around inside it. you need fresh air in and a way for the hot air to get out. I used 4 pc fans 120mm i think i have a total of 500 something? c.f.m.'s whats the lenght of your tank? I think an ati fixtuer is the way to go if you want to go with one that is?