Need help plumbing my 120 starphire


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I have a eurobraced 120 4 sided starphire with a 6x6 corner overflow that only has one 2 1/2" hole drilled in the bottom and its tempered so drilling another is not an option. I also will not be able to drill the back as it would be seen, I'm going to have a clear back. Also I dont want the look of powerheads in the tank.
Anyone have any suggestion on this? FYI it will be a fowlr.
Even if the bottom was not tempered it would be very hard to make existing holes bigger. If you cannot drill the back or sides then the only other thing I could think of for more flow would be a couple of Tunze streams on a multicontroller. Thats what I'm going to do on the 120 that I'm planning, it will have 2x Tunze 6100 streams on the 7095 controller. This will give me over 6000 gph flow which is perfect for my setup.
What about external closed loop with loc-lines and external return with one loc-line? What gph for both? This will be a fowlr so the flow will be used to keep the deritrus suspended not for a reef setup.

Yeah you could do an over the top plumbed closed loop, the only thing I would be really worried about is the intake from the tank to the pump and keeping it secure.
I will put it in the back corner against the overflow and have it pinned by some LR. That should work. What do you think would be adequate flow on the closed loop and also on the return from the sump/refugium?