Need help/plumbing suggestions for a 180 gallon AGA


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I am in the final stages of setting up my 180 and have hit a snag. I had all of my plumbing planned out. A Blueline 100 was going to power 4 penductors. I already made manifolds for the returns in the overflows to use 2 penductors out of each.

Maybe its a blessing in disguise, but the pump I was purchasing hasn't come through yet. In the interest of moving along with my setup, I have gone ahead and purchased a panworld 150 and am about to purchase another with the thought of running 2 of them. One for each set of penductors.

After about 45 minutes on the phone with Paul at Oceans Motions (great guy and incredible customer service), I feel like I'm back to square one. Maybe penductors arent the way to go. Herein lies my problem. The bottom of the tank is tempered and the back of it must be against the wall. This does not leave me the option of running lines over the back, or drilling for a closed loop.

Now I am considering running the panworld 150 with 2 penductors (one out of each overflow) and using a couple of tunze streams. I currently have a tunze in my 58 and find it cumbersome. Another option is to go with the panworld as a closed loop pump, but that means going over the back which I would really preffer not to do, but will if it is my only viable option.

If I do go over the back, I will use an OM SS compact and run 4 3/4" lines back to the tank. In that case I would use another small pump as the main return pump. At this stage, I should really have made up my mind, but doubts are starting to set in.

The tank as stated earlier is an AGA with the corner overflows. It is viewable from 3 sides with the back against the wall. I am using a hanging canopy, which will hang from brackets on the wall, making it even less desirable to move the tank any further out. The overflows are drilled with the standard 1" and 3/4" PVC.

I am sorry for the LONG post, but any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would like to stick to mag type pumps such as the iwaki/panworld as I don't want to deal with wet-ends and shafts. All equipment will be in the stand.

Thanks for looking.