Need help - skimmer pump replacment


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I have had my tank set up for years, but lately I have been lacking on maintenance. I am concerned after losing a fish and have bad red algae growth. I purchased a used skimmer off a guy but found the pump to be bad. It ran for a few minutes before popping the ground fault, so I'm assuming it is leaking. The skimmer is an "Aqua Medic" and the pump is a "Ocean Runner OR2500". I don't know if any pump would work, or if I need a special one for an air intake for the skimmer. I never had a skimmer before, so I have no idea. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll leave a YouTube link if you wish to see my tank in happier days. Thanks in advance!

I posted in the reef area but got no replies, so I figured I'll try here.......