Need help, tank death seems likely!


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OK so lets start with tank stats:
Ammonia 0
Nitrates 5-11
Phosphates .25
Salinity 1.023
Temp 77-79
21 gallon long with 20 lb live rock and canister filter(well maintained with phos-zorb for absorption

OK so here is the situation going on in my tank. I got a coral beauty the other week. After about 4 days in my tank I noticed some white fungus growing near his gill and his upper lip. This turned out to be common and the solution is to get a skunk cleaner shrimp. So I got a shrimp and while at the LFS picked up two small frags. One was an orange mushroom the other a small hammer frag. OK so that all went in my tank and has been fine. The shrimp has been working on the coral beauty and the coral (properly placed I want to add) has been doing great. Now its a week later in the last two days ALL my coral has shrunken up and is just stressed out. All my corals are soft corals BTW and smaller in size(I don't think its chem warfare). I also noticed today that on one of my mushrooms there is white plates of some kind growing on it. Any ideas?. Picture right to follow


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Bring your salinity at least to 1.024, preferably 1.025. SLOWLY!
Test alkalinity. Should be 8.3. Use buffer if low.
Run carbon in the water downflow.
Do a 10% water change.
A little softie spit is likely. Carbon will fix that. Low alk is suspect and low salinity isn't helping.
Temperature should be 78-80.


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auston, i'd use your turkey baster on that stuff, get the stuff up in the water column and out of the tank. don't worry about your tank, a water change and , yeah, keep it at 024.
you've got a bunch of algae cycles to go through still. that leather will open when it's good and ready. it's funny that way.


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The only one of your parameters that stands out to me is your phosphates.
Everything else is ok, even your salinity is fine, although bringing it up one or two points would be good.
I don't like to chase po4 but that's considered pretty darn high. Most shoot for around .03-.05
Might need to run a bit more of phosphate absorbing media in your canister, or try a different one or change it out more often.
I can see turf algae all over your rocks.

Got any turbo snails, blue leg hermits, cerith snails, etc?