Need help w/ protein skimmer !!!!


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It is in sump....junk is not coming up far enough to get it into the collection cup. Is there an adjustment to be made somewhere? Does the air hose have anything to do with it? TIA....newb!:confused:


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Aquarium systems Seaclone 100. Not great I know but beggars can't be choosers! Any input appreciated!!!!!


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Right out of the box, they skim pretty dry. I ran mine with a bit less air than normal and it started to pull stuff out after a few days. The less air rises the water a bit, but not much. They are very sensitive to hands in the water. Mine wouldn't work for a few hours after my hand was in the tank.

If you want to improve it a little, try a better airvalve (I used one off from a penguin power head) and shorten the tube in the collection cup by and inch or so. Just those two changes make a large difference.

Google "seaclone mods" for other tips


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How long has it been running? Some models are very sensitive to all kinds of things.. top offs and such.... is the skimmer new?


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The SeaClone is a skimmer that is hard to adjust. You can tinker with the air valve, but as is already mentioned, it does not do a whole lot for raising or lowering the level in the skimmer. Maybe you can trying putting an air pump where the air valve would be :) I've never tried this on mine, but I am just speculating, and if you have a pump lying around, it couldn't hurt to try. My thinking is that by forcing more air through the venturi, you will get more foam in the bubble chamber, thus raising the water level in the skimmer.
Be sure to constantly clean the inside of the neck of the skimmer cup though, because the SeaClone does skim dry gunk out.