need help wanting to try SPS corals


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this is my water params
specific gravity is 1.25
Amonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate undetectable pero i know meron
Phosphate ko is .50
water temp constant at 78
calcium 450
Magnesium no test kits for it
PH aprrox 8 to 8.2
Lighting 55w Power Compact Lights
DT 15 gals
Sump 30 gals

i dont have any reactors and i only use filter medias and i always do 10% water change twice every week


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I would try to get your phosphates below .08. Your lighting will not support anything but the lowest light demanding SPS (like plateing Montipora) high in the tank.


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yup 15 gal DT and 30 Gal sump ^^ eeheh i dunno i just like it small in DT lol
but my 15 galt is shallow
OT. i read somewhere that yellow colored SPS is easier to keep than other colored sps because of theyre supplemental needs please can someone confirm this?